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Great Service & Creative Solutions

We are your partner and want to help you to grow your business. Your success is also the way we succeed. The way to grow your business is through promoting products in different ways in your store. The more you promote the more you sell.

  • End aisle displays.
  • Pallet pricing specials in store.
  • Special bin pricing.

Speak to one of our sales representatives to organize special displays in your store. We can arrange volume pricing on specific products in order to work with you. Also ask about annual volume rebates on total purchases. We have a scale available to all customers. If you can accumulate purchases of $200,000 or more you can qualify. We also carry a multitude of national brands which are kosher and can count towards your total purchases to reach levels on the scale to pay these rebates  on all you bought.

One more reason to concentrate your purchases with Allied Foods. Receive a nice cheque to help your store profitability for the year.

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