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Distribution Opportunities

Allied distributes kosher products across Canada and we can represent your brand for you.

What are the advantages of working with Allied in order to sell and promote your products across Canada?

  1. We have sales representatives who can represent your products with face-to-face visits to not only chains but independent customers as well
  2. Our reps in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and, Manitoba cover 95% of customers who buy kosher products in Canada.
  3. Other stores are visited a minimum of twice a year and can order on line.
  4. Monthly flyers are sent to all our customers.
  5. Specials for all holidays are passed on to our customers.
  6. We have a state of the art online ordering system as well as a sales rep ordering system which can be used while visiting customers.
  7. We also have a state of the art Warehouse Management System helping to regulate product freshness.
  8. We also have the ability to allow you to be able to go into our SAP Business One system to check your inventory as well as batch numbers and dates.
  9. We record store locations so that your products can be identified so anyone looking for them can find the closet location.
  10. We provide sales reports on a quarterly basis to show where and to who your products have been sold.


Bottom line: Our goal is to grow the sales for your products in Canada.

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