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About Us

Allied is a division of Distribution Regitan acquired in 2001. Therefore Allied is a kosher distribution company working within the infrastructure of Regitan. This allows Allied to benefit from all that Regitan can offer yet being a separate entity for the distribution of kosher products throughout Canada. Both Regitan and Allied are independently owned private family business which began in 1920 and 1938 respectively. Allied is a 3rd generation company and Regitan is a 4th generation company. Allied / Regitan delivers kosher products to kosher stores across Canada.

Over the years Allied has received industry respect and trust as they have experienced a history of growth, benchmark performances, experienced and resourceful management  and traditional market presence and focus.

William Winikoff (1938) began working many kosher food lines and has built a reputation of trust with his suppliers and customers. His son, Allan, is still driving Allied business today.

Allan Winikoff