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Leading Technology

Regitan/Allied has invested heavily in technology to strengthen the company for the future.

  • In August of 2016 an SAP Business One software solution was commenced.
  • A new Online ordering system from Pepperi has recently been installed to help and promote sales.
  • Driver handhelds for customer proof of delivery which automatically attaches to the accounts receivable account for all invoices.
  • A new Warehouse Management System from Intellitrac has recently been installed to manage rotation of inventory and help accuracy of orders as well.
  • This adds to existing technologies already being used for several years which include Roadnet for maximizing deliveries.
  • GPS systems on all our fleet to know real time where they are.
  • A system of 50 cameras inside and outside of the warehouse to be able to see what is happening from outside day or night.
  • EDI to receive and transmit orders.

Information Technology – Mechanisms of Productivity

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)


Our new warehouse management software will support the day-to-day operations in our warehouse. Allied will apply a centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations that benefit all parties.

Benefits to supplier:

  • Dock to stock cycle time reductions: Reducing lead times from ordering to delivery. Lowered inventory will result in better dating and better sales.
  • Inventory accuracy by location: Increased accuracy in reporting and inventory management
  • Order picking accuracy: Reduced mistakes will lead to better retailer satisfaction and an increase in sales
  • Reduced employee turnover: More experienced staff means better picking means and quicker and accurate picking
  • Peaked order fill rates: Customer satisfaction and full shelves will lead to increase in sales
  • On-Time ready to ship: Better sales management, customer satisfaction , supplier dependability deepened will result in continued growth

Online Ordering System


Our system allows retailers to log onto our online ordering system and place their orders directly. Retailers will be able to:

  • Analyze their purchases by product
  • Manage their invoices and payables
  • Find out about new products
  • Find out about promotions for holiday periods


A new Online ordering system from Pepperi has recently been installed to help and promote sales. This includes:

  • Mobile order taking for our brands sales representatives
  • Mobile merchandising for our brands retail merchandisers
  • Mobile & Web B2B e-commerce portal

IT & Marketing

Jean François Boucher
Jean François BoucherIT Director
In charge of IT for the company
All projects including:
SAP Business One, Pepperi , Intelitrac
Roadnet & EDI
Tel.: (514) 685-0155 x 258
Email: jfboucher@regitan.com
Steeve Guertin
Steeve Guertin Graphic Designer
In charge of all graphic design work.
Email: sguertin@regitan.com
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