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Sales & Services

Allied/Regitan has a large expanding team.
Currently we have sales representatives visiting stores on a regular basis in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and, Toronto. Also, with our partner in Western Canada J West Food Systems Ltd we have representation at stores in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and, Winnipeg.
They are backed up by a customer service team, who is ready to serve.

We believe that having sales people visiting customers face to face on a regular basis, weekly and others on a cycle helps to build relationships as well as growing sales for both parties.

We look at customers as partners and not only as clients.

Please take a look at our sales organization chart to see whom your contact is.

Meet the Sales Team

Allied and Regitan sales teams working together to serve you better

Allied Sales Team:

Mitchell Weitzman
Mitchell WeitzmanVP Allied Foods
Responsible For:
Overall operations of the warehouse facilities.
In charge of Allied Foods Ontario & Quebec Division
Tel.: (514) 685-8282 #206
Bill Stubina
Bill StubinaDivision Manager
Manager of Sales for Ontario and Western Canada
Cell: (647) 973- 2398
Allan Winikoff
Allan WinikoffDivision Manager
Manager of Sales for Quebec and Eastern Canada
Cell: (514) 909-3400
Steve Gelberman
Steve GelbermanSales Representative (Toronto)
Cell (416) 419-8949
Sandra Adler
Sandra AdlerSales Representative (Toronto)
Cell: (647) 624-6248
Moshe Perl
Moshe PerlSales Representative (Montreal)
Cell: (514) 290-1116
Sandy Krupp
Sandy KruppCustomer Service
Tel.: (514) 685-8282 #261
Richard Weidman
Richard WeidmanSales Representative (Western Canada)
Tel.: (604) 760-3677
Covering Western Canada
J West Food Systems Ltd

Regitan Sales Team:

Stéphane Bouchard
Stéphane BouchardVP Sales
In charge of all sales for Regitan including inside and outside sales team.
Major accounts as well as all independent business.
In charge of Troika frozen food division as well as RL Vending products division
Crystel Lemieux
Crystel Lemieux Sales Representative (Montreal)
Cell: (514) 915-0198
Marie-Josée Arsenault
Marie-Josée ArsenaultInside Sales Supervisor
514 685-8282 ext 228
Sue Goon
Sue GoonCustomer Service
Tel.: (514) 685-8282 #222
Nancy Deslaurier
Nancy DeslaurierCustomer Service
Tel.: (514) 685-8282 #214
Jessica Naud
Jessica NaudCustomer Service
Tel.: (514) 685-8282 #221
Joelle Iyoko
Joelle IyokoCustomer Service
Tel.: (514) 685-8282 #224
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